Body Massages

Our body massages are all created with the help of ancient, trusted yoga techniques from Thailand and are specifically created for different types of muscle fatigue and stress.
Aromatherapy massage - An aromatic massage that offers an experience of total relaxation drenched with aromatic essential oils.
Detox and tone massage - Tailored to detox and tone your body with anti cellulite oils that work their magic on your body.
Deep tissue massage - Promises instant relief from muscle stress with its strength and intensity.
Thai dry back massage - An instant refresher that helps to heal daily aches and pains.
Traditional Thai massage  - Created with Thai yoga techniques to improve circulation and flexibility for a positive flow of energy through your body.
Double benefit massage - Two therapists  work on your back for increased pressure and fast relief .
Sportfit massage - Tailored for sport enthusiasts and soothes tired muscles and nerves.
Whatever you need,patek philippe replica watches we have a massage that’s waiting for you.  Ready with trained therapists and genuine products. The Thai way to better health and spirits!
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